IBM Notes

IBM Notes/Domino is like a good wine: getting better over time

Version 1.0 of Notes was first available on December, 7th 1989. The most recent version is currently available as version number 9.
There are not many software titles available these days that are still in the market since their first appearance. You can still open your 1989 version 1.0 databases using the most recent version 9.

IBM Notes is the software client

Big Blue is selling the client server groupware platform in two parts:

  1. IBM Notes is the client software available for Windows, Linux and the Mac
  2. IBM Domino is the server component with the built in web part

IBM Notes/Domino – what can I do with it?

There are quite a few definitions out there. A good source is Wikipedia. Please refer to their article about the software to find out more.

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