Unique Selling Points

SwiftFile: Notes Client suggests the Folder to file your Inbox Messages into

SwiftFile is built into the HCL Notes client starting in 11.0.1. It is available as an extra install for all previously supported versions.

There is a nice technical report that has all the features explained in detail:

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Team Calendar: Using a Calendar with a bunch of people simultaneously

It’s groupware – so it’s obvious that it should offer a Team Calendar.
The official documentation about the Team Calendar in HCL Notes has all the details.

E-Mail: Putting a Notes Inbox Message into more than one Folder (without copying it!)

Mat Newman explains this in a YouTube video

Groupware – some definitions

Groupware is a generic term for specialized computer aids that are designed for the use of collaborative work groups. Typically these groups are small, project oriented teams that have important tasks and tight deadlines. Groupware can involve software, hardware, services, and/or group process support.

[Johansen 1988] Johansen, Robert: Groupware: Computer Support for Business Teams.
New York, London : Free Press/Collier Macmillan, 1988 (Series in communication
technology and society). – 205 S. – ISBN 0029164915


The groupware server

HCLs (former IBMs) groupware package offers a built in web server.
The server component is commonly refered to as HCL Domino.

This part of the software communicates with your installed

  1. HCL Notes Client using the NRPC protocol over tcp port 1352 and/or
  2. Web browser using the http protocol over tcp port 80 or the secure 443

HCL as a owner of Domino is really interested in improving the user experience. HCL Nomad is the newest addition to the portfolio. You can now run all Notes applications natively on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As of version 12 the Nomad client will be available as a native web client.

A common use these days is to have your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) connected to the server part.
The server task running on the Domino server is called Traveller.


Notes/Domino is like a good wine: getting better over time

Version 1.0 of Notes was first available on December, 7th 1989. The most recent version is currently available as version number 12.
There are not many software titles available these days that are still in the market since their first appearance.
You can still open your in 1989 created version 1.0 databases using the most recent version 12. The terms Lotus Notes, IBM Notes are all talking about the same. HCL bought the software from IBM. It’s Notes the client as part of the server named Domino.

Notes is the client software talking to the server Domino

HCL is selling the client server groupware platform in two parts:

  1. Notes is the client software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  2. Domino is the server component with the built in web part

Notes/Domino – what can I do with it?

There are quite a few definitions out there. A good source is Wikipedia. Please refer to their article about the software to find out more.

Other resources on the web


There are many platforms out there that claim to implement groupware these days.

One of first systems on the market was Lotus Notes/Domino. It’s still available and it has defined the category for this kind of software.

If you decided to use that system in the past, you did it right: It’s still there, fully supported by IBM. All your investments in this platform are save. The system platform is even now evolving as a rapid prototyping framework for the Web 2.0 world. if you need something not build in, you can develop custom applications or get others do that for you.

New features get implemented in new releases all the time. This adds value for your business. Automatically. Your people do not need to change the way they work. Notes Applications will adopt to what you need. They evolve into something fitting better into your business.

There is even a new paradigm available to use it in new projects: XPages gives Notes Domino developers a new way to be highly productive using the Notes/Domino system.

Besides the standard built in features like mail, calendar, contacts and to do’s, new ways of working together can be implemented.

Even if you do not have the time to develop anything new from scratch, there is an open source repository that delivers Apps for free: OpenNTF.